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Eric V. (harpist)
San Francisco, CA

Dave is a godsend when it comes to fixing my computer. I have on several occasions used his services and he has always come through.

What I am most impressed with is that he is very flexible and comes to me! Every other time I have had computer problems I've over paid, waited days or weeks to get my computer back, and had to be without my computer when I often needed it most.

I am very pleased with his work, and he even helped suggest ways I could speed up my aging computer that actually worked.

Bill S. (café owner)
San Francisco, CA

Dave has been my technical support expert for my café for over 7 years. He maintains our security cameras, computer networks (we have three), and he installed a high-speed metered wi-fi system that can host over 50 users at a time. This is important since we're in the heart of start-up land. Though he's not a web page developer, he's been on-hand to update our web pages many times over the years.

Douglas D. (architect)
San Francisco, CA

Knowledgeable, Professional and Experienced in the high-tech world of computer repair! This is the first review I've ever written for Yelp and can, yes, HONESTLY say that it's a pleasure to give this guy Kudos for the top-notch work he did with my computer.

The backstory on this one is that my brother GAVE me a computer... that was SO fouled up with issues that several OTHER people I had spoken to and had looked at it told me to simply throw away... toss in the 'ol garbage can. (or 'recycle' now, I guess, would be the correct thing.. anyway).. It had a half a dozen MAJOR problems, nothing working correctly with it, much of the hardware in it damaged, plagued with viruses and running slower than molasses... and without any type of audio device.

Two days later it is, essentially, a brand NEW computer. Lightning quick, new external CD/DVD drive and a KICKASS stereo system as of quality sounding like most car stereos! All for only a bit over two hundred bucks I got back a quality top of the line model computer, hardware included. I KNOW he must have put a few extra hours of time into it as well, free of charge, which is the sign of an honest man who puts care, professionalism and pride into his work, which is refreshing to find in todays world!

SO.... I guess you can tell that I give this guy a serious thumbs-up. I'd highly recommend him to anyone with technical issues and/or computer problems. Rock on, Dave!!

Holly P. (home user)
San Francisco, CA

I got his number from a listing in the Cole Hardware newsletter. I called Cole and the lady on the phone said she'd done business with him before and recommended him. Good enough for me.

He replaced the hard drive on my laptop (it was making a crunching sound - not good!). He also managed to get my Internet running about twice as fast. He said a configuration was wrong.

All in all I had a good experience!

Dan M. (investor)
San Francisco, CA

Having your computer go down is like being sentenced to the fiery pits of hell! Nothing is more infuriating to me that making that stupid thing work again.

I called Dave because he came right to my house, even on Treasure Island!

After a short time he fixed my computer and all the while he was respectful of my house and was a pleasure to converse with.

He was also honest with his pricing unlike an unnamed group of so called computer experts driving around in silly cars.

I don't know why anyone would choose to sit for hours in front of this stupid thing trying to fix it when you could save the aggravation and have someone else do it.

Dave honestly is the best choice.

Scout F. (writer)
San Francisco, CA

I've been relying on David for years (after having been cheated numerous times by Ameritech on Third Street--beware!)

David will drop everything and do his best to get to you as soon as possible.
He comes to your house for no extra charge.
He's resourceful and will continue to try possible solutions till he gets the problem fixed.
He's very reasonably priced.
Very reliable.
Also, incidentally, a pleasure to hang out with while he's fussing with your machine.

Al G. (not sure what he does)
Brisbane, CA

[....] came to my house and cleaned up my hard drive which improved the speed that programs loads. Dave is also expert at virus removal and installing spyware that works.

Halhry C.
Oakland, CA (restaurant owner)

When I moved from SF to Oakland I needed to get my security cameras hooked up and put my home office back together. Normally I would have called someone in Oakland, but he had helped me out before and did an excellent job.

This time around he was able to set up the security cameras so that I could view them on the internet, and he hooked up 3 computers, 2 printers, and an old plotter, and some backup disks. I am an architect and work from home, so I need my computers to be up and running.

Dave shows up on time, gives me a fair price, and explains things. What more could you ask for? He actually talked me out of getting a new computer because he said there's plenty of power left in the main one I've been using. It just needed to be speeded up a bit.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Oh, and he accepts personal checks, too. No credit cards, tho.

Janice M.
Brisbane, CA (home user)

Dave is the absolute best.
Great, fast service.
Very reliable and reasonably priced.
Has patience to figure out what's wrong and a pleasure to be around.
What more could you ask for!

Heather N. (retired)
San Francisco, CA

I have used Dave's computer repair services twice now and would not hesitate to recommend him any time. He is very knowledgeable, prompt and patient (with "electronically challenged" older ladies!) and his fees are reasonable.

Sam B. (musician/writer)
San Francisco, CA

I've turned to Dave to help repair our home computers and network for several years now. He is always prompt, courteous, and his fees are very reasonable. He's solved every problem we've had promptly, and on top of all this, he's a nice guy.
I recommend him highly.

Pam N. (designer)
San Francisco, CA

Dave came by to fix my computer one morning when a malware/virus had crippled it and I was working on a deadline! He came over on short notice after working all night on other people's computers, so a special kudos to him for that.
Dave knows what he's doing, and lets you know as much about it as you can handle.
He has been maintaining my 7-yr old PC for years and I don't see him much because he does such excellent work!
Cheers and thanks Dave.

John S. (medical test trials recruiter)
Oakland, CA

Dave is a calm, objective and prompt provider of computer support, virus detection and resolution. He is confident enough to be perplexed but always seems to resolve
issues. No such thing as a stupid question. You just really feel you can trust what Dave suggests. I found him through a recommendation from a friend that found his card at coffee house. My PC was hijacked by a "Malware" attack preventing me from continuing to work. I work from home and rely on Dave to come around to keep my computer at optimal performance in spite of being SEVEN years old!!!

Dominic R. (investor)
Oakland, CA

I've enlisted David's help on two occasions over the last few years and each time he was top notch. A complex virus issue the first time and after a move to a new house some glitches with the new set up.

David made himself available right away so there was no down time over days and days. He was able to come in the evening when I got home from work and was on time.

Besides being able to fix the problem he could also explain it, give helpful advice on how to prevent future problems and recommended and installed some free security software. He was also willing and able to answer other questions that I had about computer issues and options for upgrades or changes.

David is very personable and as he advertises, honest. Forget the Geek Squad and large commercial enterprises offering these services and go with an independent experienced tech who will give you personalized service.

Chilly M. (bartender)
San Francisco, CA

Excellent work! I had two computers with problems. One had gotten infected with something that kept trying to sell me an antivirus product! He got rid of it and he also "swept" my computer to check if there were any hidden items.

The other computer was running really slow and he got rid of unneeded programs, optimized the hard drive and actually made it run like new! This is a 7 or 8 year old Dell we're talking about! I didn't have to get a new computer after all. He told me that as long as I keep it free of dust and shut it down when I'm not using it it will probably last another 3 or 4 years. Dave also gave me a 60 day guarantee. I don't know anbody who gives that kind of guaranee, so I'm definitely recommending him.

Tracy F. (investor and party planner)
Richmond, CA

Dave is great and lives up to his name. In a two hour house call, he managed to save my kids laptop after we had all but given up on it. Plus the 2 month guarantee is nice.

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